Antara Fashion Hall


Antara fashion hall is an outdoors luxury mall and is considered one of the most exclusive destinies in mexico city.

Ragga – voilá – fat crow – joy room
In 2016, grupo cinbersol asked mmatt arquitectos to do some form and functionality changes in their 4 entertainment centers. ¿the purpose? Provide them with a new image that keeps them as part of the best night clubs in mexico city.
After lots of hard work, we managed to generate new sensations and give an indentity to each one of the clubs. We succeeded to reshape them so they can continue to be world class venues, with all the security regulations to guarantee the show and diversity that caracterizes them. Also, we respected antara’s color palette, in the outside and inside of them all.

In ragga’s case, the challenge consisted in the rehabilitation of their pergolas and giving the main entrance more volume to create a light and texture game with video mapping for different events.

For voilá (concert and show venue), we aimed to do a metalic front that served as a curtain and entrance. In this project, the steel created a perfect, solid and elegant frame worthy of antara.

And for joy room, there was a total change. We built a wooden and tempered glass bridge, supported by a steel structure above the water mirror that’s representative of this place. Besides, the whole premises were adapted to receive video mapping projections, included the main entrance.

The final result was completely satisfying. Now, this clubs stay ahead of the business and receive thousands of people.