In the beginning of 2019, we had a second challenge: rehabilitate and auditorium in its entirety.

The architectonic design reflects the ideals of a comfortable, elegant, functional space for up to 46 people. The inside of the room is surrounded by a wooden skin that intensifies acoustics, turning it into an ideal space for conferences, press releases and classes.

Walnut wood was our main finish. We used it on the floor as well as in wall coverings and ceilings to generate a continuity of materials and take advantage of the two best qualities of the wood, aesthetically and functionally, given its great density and porosity that absorbs sound waves.

Additionally, the lighting project was focused on generating a wide range of differentiated lights, for the use of indirect lighting as well as for the use of floor lamps and direct spots. The result is, without a doubt, a modern and representative space, worthy of any event, cultural, educational or formal.