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MMATT Architects in ArquiTK Magazine

MMATT Arquitectos

Project – Independent Coffee Shop

We were asked for the design and construction of an independent coffee shop, which was meant to have three basic areas that were the start point of our concept: food processing, diner, and leisure and recreation. With an elegant and edgy architecture line, MMATT Architects was entrusted with this project that, executed in late 2018, started with the election of materials, lighting analysis, and all the technical equipment for the different areas. 

The project is a space designed to eat with family or attend a business meeting. Walnut wood stands as the main column in our color scheme. It’s in the engineered floor, always elegant and resistant, and as a part of our detailed and scrupulous labor for the quality of our client. Combined with that, the lighting set was planned to create private or common settings using direct or indirect lighting in every place in the coffee shop, to give our client the possibility of choosing. 

Currently, the coffee shop, which has a capacity for 38 people, has a space for 20 more in the resting area, also called “relax zone”. This particular space has a combination of extremely comfortable and warm materials that create a place in which customers can spend the time isolated from the hectic lifestyle characteristic of city people.

The outcome was the one expected. And the customers, as well as the owner’s and designer’s satisfaction endorse the project.

Article translated from the Spanish version published in ArquiTK Magazine Year XX No. 120

mmatt architects gustave eiffel jalisco radio station

MMATT Architects on Jalisco Radio GDL

MMATT Arquitectos

Versatility and complexity in architecture

During January of the present year (2020), MMATT Arquitectos was cordially invited by Jalisco Radio station to participate in a segment called “Mexico’s Cultural Heritage”. 

In an enjoyable and interesting conversation with radio broadcaster David Martinez, we talked about the architecture of Gustave Eiffel, and it’s impact in our country. Also, we mentioned some aspects about his work in Mexico like the “Iron Bridge” (Puente de Hierro) in Ecatepec, or the “Iron Palace” (Palacio de Hierro) in Veracruz. And finally, we talked about the events that gave place to those constructions and what has happened to them throughout the years.

Some of them stopped being what they were to adapt with time and situation. But others have maintained their use and shape. However, in both cases, they show the versatility and complexity of the architecture of Gustave Eiffel.

As active members of the architectural community, we are always open to talk in whatever cultural or academic sector. Hence, we deeply appreciate invitations like the one Jalisco Radio made us. It was a pleasure. 

MMATT Architects in Spain Architecture Festival

MMATT Arquitectos

The Festival de Arquitectura en español (F.A.E.) celebrated its second consecutive year in the Centro Cultural España in Mexico City. MMATT Arquitectos was invited, with other globaly noted architects.

We attended tech innovation workshops and masterclasses given by many icons in architecture, civil engeneering, design and urban planning professionals, such as Enrique Norten and Tatiana Bilbao.




Born in Mexico City in 1954, Norten studied architecture in the Universidad Iberoamericana (1978) and gained a masters degree in architecture by Cornell University (1980). Later, in 1986, he founded TEN Arquitectos in his hometown and then opened a second office in New York (2001).

In 2008, he was aknowledged as Distinguished Mexican by the Mexicans Abroad Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for his extensive trayectory as an architect. And recently he recieved the Fine Arts Medal in Architecture given by the National Fine Arts Institute in Mexico City.

With more than 330 projects, 60 finished works and many more still in the making, TEN Arquitectos has participated in many type and scale projects, from housing and cultural buildings to landscape design and urban planning.


Born in Mexico City in 1975, Tatiana studied architecture in the Universidad Iberoamericana (1996). She worked as a consultant in the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing of Mexico City in 1998. The, she founded Tatiana Bilbao S. C. in 2004 and was a design teacher in the Architecture and Urban Planning Bachelor in Universidad Iberoamericana (2005).

Her first project was the Jinhua Exhibition Hall under the leadership and coordination of the chinese artist and architect Ai Weiwei, who gathered a team of young architects of different countries to develop a park divided in pavillions located in the coast of Yiwu River, near Shanghái. Here, Bilbao managed the task of desingning the hall previously mentioned, that now is also known as: Exhibition Space.

During 2017, in collaboration with Gonzalo Ortega, Bilbao leaded the exhibition of Perspectives: Tatiana Bilbao Study, organized by the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MARCO) in Monterrey, Nuevo León. Here, she featured her projects made between 2004 and 2017.


MMATT Arquitectos

Andalucia, Spain November 12 – 15, 2018

Extenda (Andalusian Agency of Foreign Promotion, for its initials in Spanish) invited us
to participate in the Contract International Forum, that took place in the Valentin de
Madariaga and Oya Foundation in Sevilla, Spain. In this event companies of United
States, Brazil, Panama and Costa Rica participated, besides four Mexican companies:
BGP Arquitectura Mr. Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta; SPACE Ms. Shantal Bravo; MMATT
Arquitectos Mrs. Victoria Nanni; AMASS& Mr. Rubén Rendón.
Here, many companies united to meet Andalusian companies in construction,
equipment, design, architecture and hospitality sectors. In the following days we visited

the Sevilla Tower, the tallest building in Andalucia with 40 stories; and CaixaForum,
exposition center in which company representatives took a tour.
At night we saw a flamenco show with music from Sevilla. Later, we went to Granada
to visit the exquisite Alhambra, and finished in the Health Science Faculty.
We also visited La Alpujareña carpet workshop, where we met the artisanal and
mechanical elaboration process of OLP Carpets. Finally, we went to the Marbella
Amare Hotel to see the furniture.

This event was filled with conferences and tours with Andalusian companies gathering
with people from different countries with the same goal: architecture.
We are grateful with everyone present, with Extenda for inviting us, with the Andalusian
companies for their hospitality and with the great friendships that we obtained in this


MMATT Arquitectos

Valencia, Spain February 5-9, 2018

We were invited to participate in CEVISAMA fair, located in Valencia, Spain. This is a
material, finishing and bath accessories trade fair, which is three times bigger than
CIHAC Expo, same kind of trade fair that takes place in Mexico City.

Our sponsor, AMEC (Multisectoral Company Association, for its initials in Spanish),
took us to the center of the fair in which we had our own pavilion. There, in between
many other invited architecture firms, we talked with other companies associated with
AMEC through many days with the goal of building up the relationship between Mexico
and Spain in the aspects of distribution and merchandising of bath, sanitation and
ventilation equipment.

We could also walk around through the fair pavilions, where we found new
technologies and exclusive materials for our projects.
We are grateful with AMEC for the invite and the experience that MMATTArquitectos
acquired in this event.

MMATT Arquitectos

Creamos espacios arquitectónicos que se adaptan a las necesidades específicas de cada uno de nuestros clientes, sin dejar de lado la innovación.


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