Residential Development - RP-2


At the beginning of the year, MMATT Architects started the design and development of a new residential complex in Chignahuapan, Puebla. This new project consists of sustainable housing prototypes with a modern idea and taking into account the use of materials available in the area to generate comfortable spaces with warmth, lighting, security and habitability.
Each house will be integrated to green spaces of approximately 140 m2, which will make them more beneficial physically and mentally. Also, the complex will have a minimalist chapel with surrounding green areas. This has the intent of being a path between inside and outside without having any doors or constraints, making it an open and simple space of tranquility, meditation and cohabitation for new tenants.

This project is a bet in the short, medium and long term. Given its sustainable design and the favorable climate of the area which is ideal for rainwater harvesting and solar energy collection, every house will generate low costs of maintenance and electricity.