Independent Coffee Shop Reforma


At the end of 2018, we were commissioned to design and construct a coffee shop located in the heart of Reforma. The intent of the project was to build something comfortable, elegant and attractive, both for the ones in the food production area as well as for the eaters.

The space has a total capacity of 40 people and is meant to be a familiar place or a professional one in which to have business meetings. additionally, a resting spot was built where a few minutes of rest can be enjoyed to distract from the fast paced living characteristic of the city.

As a distinctive feature of the firm, we created a lighting project. We placed indirect lighting in ceilings and on different furniture over the coffee shop and different models of luminaires were installed to differentiate the two areas.

MMATT’s representative material range couldn’t be missed. This time, with a more youthful feel, we used synthetic grass and a light array that sweeps the floor, the walls, and ceilings, creating a very pleasant space.

This project has been so recognized for its pleasant aesthetics and functionality, that it has been featured in many publications of interior architecture.