Near the end of the nineties, Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyes, better known as “Cantinflas”, acquired a 500-hectare estate with wide plains and spectacular views in Estado de México. He named it “La Purisima” which had a house with living room, pool table, chimneys, wine cellar, five bedrooms and more.

Today, La Purisima still stands with important improvements and a hotel with country houses and a golf course. Because of its history and comfort, it has become one of the most attractive areas in Estado de México.

That’s why, MMATT Arquitectos was chosen to assist in a country house project for one of the integrated lands in La Purisima. The challenge was that of designing a house that adapted to the site and weather while being as sustainable as possible.

Taking this into account, we visualized a house built by two bodies aligned to two different axes to rank spaces and offer comfort. Also, we exploited the view towards the hills that surround the land and used warm materials to make user-friendly spaces. Finally, to make it sustainable, we created gable roofs to collect rain and use it to irrigate the barn and adjacent crops.