Commercial establishments L-G24


Commercial establishments L-G24

MMATT Arquitectos took the task to design and build a mall of almost 900 m2 in Chignahuapán, Puebla, which in 2012 was catalogued as Pueblo Mágico.

Our main task mandated by the regulations of Pueblos Mágicos was to respect the architectural language of the site. So, after a long design process, we achieved the creation of 18 establishments of more than approximately 30 m2 each.

Combined to the requirements to avoid any aggressive impact on the setting, the land had an important tilt. To solve this problem, we generated gaps between each establishment, giving the sense of independent bodies. Also, we built ramps to ease the mobility of pedestrians and visitors.

The materials used for the construction are typical of the site. Intertwined wooden and stone blocks generate a pleasant sensation, resistant to the pass of time; whilst the long aisles lighten in a natural way, united with the great ramps, create an amiable space for users and tenants.