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Project – Independent Coffee Shop

We were asked for the design and construction of an independent coffee shop, which was meant to have three basic areas that were the start point of our concept: food processing, diner, and leisure and recreation. With an elegant and edgy architecture line, MMATT Architects was entrusted with this project that, executed in late 2018, started with the election of materials, lighting analysis, and all the technical equipment for the different areas. 

The project is a space designed to eat with family or attend a business meeting. Walnut wood stands as the main column in our color scheme. It’s in the engineered floor, always elegant and resistant, and as a part of our detailed and scrupulous labor for the quality of our client. Combined with that, the lighting set was planned to create private or common settings using direct or indirect lighting in every place in the coffee shop, to give our client the possibility of choosing. 

Currently, the coffee shop, which has a capacity for 38 people, has a space for 20 more in the resting area, also called “relax zone”. This particular space has a combination of extremely comfortable and warm materials that create a place in which customers can spend the time isolated from the hectic lifestyle characteristic of city people.

The outcome was the one expected. And the customers, as well as the owner’s and designer’s satisfaction endorse the project.

Article translated from the Spanish version published in ArquiTK Magazine Year XX No. 120

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