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Versatility and complexity in architecture

During January of the present year (2020), MMATT Arquitectos was cordially invited by Jalisco Radio station to participate in a segment called “Mexico’s Cultural Heritage”. 

In an enjoyable and interesting conversation with radio broadcaster David Martinez, we talked about the architecture of Gustave Eiffel, and it’s impact in our country. Also, we mentioned some aspects about his work in Mexico like the “Iron Bridge” (Puente de Hierro) in Ecatepec, or the “Iron Palace” (Palacio de Hierro) in Veracruz. And finally, we talked about the events that gave place to those constructions and what has happened to them throughout the years.

Some of them stopped being what they were to adapt with time and situation. But others have maintained their use and shape. However, in both cases, they show the versatility and complexity of the architecture of Gustave Eiffel.

As active members of the architectural community, we are always open to talk in whatever cultural or academic sector. Hence, we deeply appreciate invitations like the one Jalisco Radio made us. It was a pleasure. 

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