Offices O.B.P. 909


Near the Historic Center of Puebla, there is a building designed in its entirety by MMATT Arquitectos. Given the convenient characteristics of the ground in terms of dimensions, roads and services, the result was completely favorable for the owners and the visual impact of the area.

Conceptually, as many other projects, the main task was to work with the esthetics and the functionality for an office space. Following the requirements of the client, we managed to create a building with two commercial spaces, 32 offices with different measures, roof garden areas, and two parking floors for 35 vehicles.

An attractive and modern architectural approach, as well as our material range, allowed us to generate broad spaces with big terraces where natural light gets into the different nuclei of each office. Additionally, we diversified the building interior. We can find offices with many capacities and characteristics. This way, we changed the regular office project in which the users have to adapt to repetitive forms and dimensions.

The final result was, without a doubt, an elegant and attractive building that followed the
most demanding client.